IBEX Overview

About IBEX

IBEX is a leading provider of contact centre services and other business process outsourcing solutions (BPO). We offer a full suite of services to some of the world’s best-known, blue chip clients.

IBEX is incorporated in [The United States of America] and has headquarters in Washington D.C. Following our successful listing in June 2013, our shares are traded on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange (Ticker: IBEX).

We are different in our industry

In the BPO industry, front line agent retention is a key factor which influences success across the sector. Higher rates of retention deliver better client outcomes. Traditionally, companies in our space deploy time and capital to train call centre and other support staff, only to see those developing assets churn, meaning the process has to begin again.

IBEX takes a different approach from many of its competitors. Our ongoing goal is to be a great employer and attract and retain elite industry talent. To do this, there is a need to provide a competitive balance of remuneration, benefits, training and development as well as other perks such as healthy meal options and a pleasant work environment. This approach is working and is extending the tenure of our agents, reducing future costs in training and development, and enabling us to consistently deliver results for our clients.

Special Agents

We operate with the best of the best. Our employees are called Special Agents because they work undercover for our clients providing the highest quality of customer service. These Special Agents accept their mission to go undercover for our clients and become a seamless extension of their brand. Our Special Agents are selectively hired, under go rigorous training, paid and managed differently and experience a faster track to both proficiency and promotion. All of this results in a lower attrition rate and consistently better performance.

Global Reach

We operate throughout the world via a network of more than 15,000 highly-[trained/skilled] and dedicated employees, working in 20 sites, spanning 7 countries: the USA, Jamaica, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, Senegal, Pakistan and The Philippines.

More About IBEX

Strategic Approach

Central to our strategy is to enhance IBEX’s position as preferred BPO provider. Our plan to achieve this involves three key pillars:

  • We strive to outperform our competitors by delivering superior customer service, maintaining measurably higher levels of client satisfaction;
  • We leverage our agility as a smaller, established player. We are faster and more flexible than the competition in meeting clients’ service requirements and innovating where required; and
  • We provide clients with more cost effective solutions than competitors. Our ability to be price competitive while at the same time maintaining overall margin is underpinned by our lean SG&A figure.