Whatever the industry or line of business you are in, your customers are your most important asset. IBEX Global understands how valuable every customer interaction is to your reputation and long-term growth. We have worked across various market verticals and have a broad base of knowledge. Our experience includes protecting the reputation of some of the most coveted companies with the strongest brands across the globe.

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Industries Served

Communications and Media

The challenges facing the communication and media companies are not simple. More than ever, customers are demanding instant access to content, billing information and new applications that will streamline their lives. Companies are also struggling with revenue protection as growing competition creates rising cost pressures. IBEX Global is known for our expertise in this industry. We know how to service the customer with the right approach resulting in the highest customer satisfaction and NPS scores. We also know how to drive revenue on each and every opportunity turning a costly service approach into a profitable endeavor. And we don’t stop there. Our analytics team provides information daily on how to increase first call resolution, lower repeat calls and improving the customer service and effort.

Financial Services

Faced with the rising challenges with new regulatory compliance, fraud and breach prevention as well as customer demand for more digital support, the banking and financial services industry is looking for ways to mitigate risk while delivering what their customers want. IBEX Global understands these needs and provides deep domain expertise to help solve the changing landscape of this industry. Whether we are providing customer care or back office support, we deliver a seamless, safe approach to handling sensitive customer information. We have invested in our environment and infrastructure to deliver fully PCI certified sites and processes. Our unique approach to delivering the absolute best customer experience while addressing the cost and loyalty pressures of this industry are well documented. Our range of solutions cover the entire lifecycle of needs for the financial services industry.


The technology industry is arguably one of the most demanding in terms of its unrelenting speed of change. A continuous array of product changes, new device support, upgrade offerings and new applications keep this industry moving at a record pace. IBEX Global serves some of the most advanced and sophisticated technology companies in the world. Our tier 1, 2 or 3 technical support as well as back office and off line solutions support this ever changing industry. Through the use of our well appointed product labs, our agents experience frequent and ongoing training that provides the most up to date support to customers on the go.


Healthcare around the globe is quickly changing. Healthcare reform has created a completely new industry creating mass confusion with consumers. Because there is nothing more important than your health, IBEX Global carefully approaches the needs of consumers. Our support provides better overall solutions for members, better understanding of health reform for payers and more efficient processes for providers. IBEX Global provides licensed and non-licensed agents in a HIPAA compliant environment. We also provide certified nurses that deliver extremely efficient triage solutions onshore, near and offshore. Let us manage this confusing landscape while you focus on the health of your consumers.

Travel & Hospitality

Welcome to one of the most challenged industries on the planet. Rising fuel cost, fierce competition for customer loyalty and changing regulations have all had their effect on this industry. IBEX Global is here to help. Our solutions support hotel, rental car and cruise companies as well as travel consolidators and online travel agencies. Our deep domain expertise is exactly what industry leaders are seeking from seeking. From frontline customer care for frequent flyer and hotel loyalty programs to selling bundled travel packages via chat, IBEX Global is well positioned to support your customers on the go. Come fly away with us!


As the online educational offerings become more diverse and complex, the need to outsource some of the administrative functions has grown. Currently, education is outsourcing as much of their peripheral functions as possible, allowing them to focus on what really matters in the world of education. The trend of diminishing the drain on their resources and the realization of how expensive it is to do some of the functions required for students, parents, and administrators has led to educators looking for alternatives. IBEX Global has the solution by offering a highly trained workforce who can quickly become a valuable extension of your staff. Front line care, back office email and chat are some of the services most widely used in this area. IBEX Global is your #1 back to school resource!


The Expanding World of Retail

The growth of omni-channel needs in the retail industry continues to expand. A study by MasterCard found that 8 out of 10 consumers use a device for online shopping. A digital strategy is necessary for brick-and-mortar retailers and online-only retailers to continuously experience growth. The demand for providing great customer service has also increased as well as the demand for 24×7 customer support. With more online choices, balancing cost reduction with an improved customer experience is very difficult. IBEX Global can help by providing solutions to help companies with their customer contact, saving money and increasing brand loyalty. We know that a better customer experience will enhance a company’s reputation and lead to an increase in sales. Our understanding of the cyclicality of the retail industry has served our clients and their customer’s well. Our ability to scale up and down have earned us a strategic partners status with many of our clients.


The energy and utilities industry has changed with alternatives for customers. The traditional utilities marketplace can now be considered obsolete. Energy companies are now required to market their products and services to customers who have choices. This open competition creates additional demands for energy and utility companies. IBEX Global understands how to service, sell/up sell all while producing an exceptional customer experience.

Our Solutions for the Communications Industry

- General Inquiries - Account Activation - Billing Inquiries - Technical Support - Customer Win-back - Loyalty Programs - Lead Generation - Returns/Refurbishment- Installation Services - On-site Support - Adds/Moves/Changes - Customer Acquisition - Customer Retention - Response Management - Customer Care - Product Support - Information Hotline

- General Inquiries – Account Management – Product Support – Installation Services – Technical Support – On-site Support – Upgrade/Downgrade – Billing Inquiries

Our Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

- Account Management – Shareholder Services – Balance Transfers – Customer Care – Appointment Setting – Product Support

- Account Activation – Account Management – Phone-Banking Support – Branch Locator – Recovery Management – Product Support

- Mortgage & Home Equity – Loan Servicing – Loan Origination – Refinancing – Telemarketing – Lead Generation

- Account Activation – Fraud Detection – Billing Inquiries – Appointment Setting – Customer Win-back – Loyalty Programs – Lead Generation

Our Solutions for the Technology Industry

- Technical Support – General Inquiries – Complaint Resolution – Email/Chat Support – Helpdesk Support – Billing Support

- Customer Acquisition – Customer Win-Back – Telemarketing – Customer Surveys – Up-Sell/Cross-Sell – Brochure Fulfillment

- Application Processing – Document Handling – Data Management – Bills Processing – Inventory Tracking

Our Solutions for the Healthcare Industry


The landscape of the healthcare industry is changing with the aging population, changes in healthcare laws, resulting in more people who are insured. It also gives people more control over their healthcare choices. The result of more choices is a more sophisticated member who demands a better member experience.

IBEX Global can provide:

  • Payers Claims processing Non-licensed enrollment
  • Member and provider support for all types of customer care inquiries
  • Payer and provider coordination
  • Five Star Support
  • Senior Healthcare Support Medicare Advantage Plans Prescription Drug Plans Medicare Supplement Plans

Medical Devices

The proliferation of medical devices is the result of the advances in both healthcare and the tech industry. These very same advancement require support for customers on wide variety of issues. IBEX Global has worked with the premiere technology company in the world for the past five years. We have provided technical support as a seamless extension of their very valued brand.

  • Medical Devices
  • Device technical
  • Sales and lead generation
  • Patient and provider coordination

Prescription Benefit Managers

Growth in the PBM industry was the result of companies realizing a third party solution could save money and time. The PBM could provide the large infrastructure required to process claims and provide other member services. In the same way, IBEX Global can provide the manpower and resources to PBM’s. Prescription Benefit Manager Member services Brand/generic conversion Mail order conversion


The growth of telemedicine is in response to consumer demand. Patient satisfaction is high because of the advances made in technology. Supporting this growth is straining the capabilities of providers so they are looking for solutions. IBEX Global understands and can provide the support needed.

  • Claim support
  • Provider Network support
  • Patient referral services
  • Nurse–based services

Our Solutions for the Travel & Recreation Industry

- Technical Support – General Inquiries – Complaint Resolution – Email/Chat Support – Helpdesk Support – Billing Support

- Customer Acquisition – Customer Win-Back – Telemarketing – Customer Surveys – Up-Sell/Cross-Sell – Brochure Fulfillment

- Application Processing – Document Handling – Data Management – Bills Processing – Inventory Tracking

Our Solutions for the Education Industry

– General Inquiries – Complaint Resolution – Email/Chat Support – Billing Support

– Customer Acquisition – Customer Win-Back – Telemarketing – Customer Surveys – Up-Sell/Cross-Sell – Brochure Fulfillment

– Application Processing – Document Handling – Data Management – Bills Processing – Inventory Tracking

Our Solutions for the Retail Industry

- Consumer Surveys – Information ‘Hotlines’ – Product Promotions – Telemarketing – Door-to-Door Sales – Inventory Management – General Enquiries

- Customer Care – Complaint Resolution – Returns Processing – Order Processing – Online Support – Brand Activations – Telemarketing

Our Solutions for the Energy and Utilities Industry

- Telemarketing – Door-to-Door Sales – Up-Sell/Cross-Sell – Customer Win-back – Brochure Fulfillment

- General Inquiries – Account Management – Billing Inquiries – Complaint Resolution – Installation Services – Crisis Handling – Adds/Moves/Changes

- Application Processing – Bills Processing – Collections Management

Our Solutions for the Communications and Media Industry

Services Offered

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Win-Back
  • Response Management
  • Customer Care
  • Product Support
  • Technical Support
  • Information Hotline