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CNN’s Self-made Features Ibex Global’s Eric Kaufman: On Culture And Passion In The Workplace

Eric Kaufman was featured in Rebecca Bustamante’s Self-Made. Eric highlighted the fundamentals for success and overcoming any challenges lies in one’s passion for work and excellence. Surviving life’s challenges not only makes people stronger, but also builds one’s identity.

Eric Kaufman shared his life experiences when he was working at nights to pay for his college. He worked his way from manufacturing to customer service and sales. Currently he has traveled to forty-three countries and had the opportunity of working to about thirty of them.

His two main goals in life is to (1) travel the world and (2) to reach a certain “economic” goal to be able to give his children things that he never had.

In handling challenges, Eric advises that one has to rediscover how one became successful and one’s reason for passion. Once you find that passion and commitment, it would allow you work through just about anything.

As an advice for leaders, Eric says that one has to stick with the company that resonates with you—one that makes you feel important and allows you to grow despite any problems or challenges hurled at you. Employees where they feel that their managers are there to ensure their success would behave very differently and actively: they take more chances, they become unafraid to try new things, they ask questions and are not afraid to ask for help.

For Eric, the Philippines is in a great place now and is only going to get better. He is optimistic that the Philippines will become the best in class in our space in terms of workforce and capability.

I consider myself a very fortunate guy who is in a position to help people. To me, what’s more important is being happy to what I do and adding value to the people around me.

Eric Kaufman, Self-Made Interview, May 2016

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